All Grain Brewing Equipment: Getting Started

Are you interested in putting together an all grain setup for brewing your next beer? It is a satisfying way to control the process and make the best beer you’ve ever made. It can make the process much more enjoyable because you are controlling every step of the way from grain to brew – it is ‘real brewing’, rather than working with syrups that somebody else has already produced. In this writer’s opinion, it is the only way to start making your own brew.

If you’re thinking of starting without all grain brewing because you are afraid of the complexity of brewing without experience, I would advise against it. As long as you start with a small batch and you have the proper equipment, your first brew will be fantastic. And it will be 100% made by you.

Watch this video for an intro to all grain brewing and how you can do it on a very basic budget. Later on, you can upgrade your equipment as you go along. It’s important to start with only the basic essentials.

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