Brewing All Grain

Brewing and all grain brew is a right of passage for all the best homebrewer’s. It is also the best way to brew any beer. Bring a beer from syrup takes out much of the flavor, adds undesirable flavors, and it’s simply not nearly as fun.

In many cases it is also much less expensive to brew from the grain itself. You get much more control over how your beer tastes, as well, and it is a much more interesting experience.

You can start with a simple brew bag which goes into the pot on your stove. It is a mesh bag that keeps the grain out of the water, like a sieve. After are were done extracting from the grain, you simply pull the mesh bag from the pot, and throw out the grain. You can wash the bag and reuse it for next time.

After you’ve done this, you have the exact same starting materials bet you would if you did not use this method of brewing. At this point you can also taste the brew water to get an idea of what your beer will taste like. Of course once the brewing is complete it will be much less sweet than it is at this point but much of the flavor will be there. It’s important to test your beer at certain points in the process because you learn a lot about how the taste of the beer progresses and it will allow you more control over the end result.

It will also be a much more interesting experience for you, and the more scientific pursuit of the perfect beer.

Most competitive homebrewers necessarily use all grain brewing. It simply allows for more high-quality end results.

If you want to learn more about this type of brewing, I recommend the book How to Brew by Palmer. You can probably pick it up in your local homebrew shop. If not you can find it out in

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